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Life's trials and tribulations have made Dr Mary Chen Ming Li wiser and stronger. She has seen life both at its most dazzling and darkest, falling from the status of a popular celebrity into the midst of heavy debts and later working hard to achieve her current position. As a child star, Dr Mary Chen may have enjoyed great popularity, yet she hardly had any normal childhood to speak of. Although she shared the limelight with stars like Lin Feng Jiao, Lin Ching Hsia and Sylvia Chang, the allure of the entertainment scene was not enough for Dr Mary Chen Ming Li to maintain her status quo.

After her marriage, she tried several ways to carve a niche for herself. However, the economic crisis in the mid 80s heralded a cloud of darkness which entered the couple's lives when they ran up a debt of S$1.6 million. It was only when she stumbled upon insurance that she recognized it was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. It was also insurance policy selling that eventually brought her and her husband out of the financial trap they were in.

Surviving the financial crisis, Dr Mary Chen Ming Li continued to strive for excellence in her work. Having worked 18 years in the insurance industry, she was finally awarded the honorary title of PhD for Business Administration by an American university. Like a dream come true, Dr Mary Chen Ming Li finally donned the mortarboard.

The arrival of their son filled the void in her family life. Bringing new meaning to their lives, their son draws the couple even closer. The couple revolves their schedule around him. Quality time with their little boy is emphasized rather than on quantity.

Life takes on an even more worthwhile purpose as the couple got involved in charity work in the "Heart Project" in the Ganshu province in China. Dr Mary Chen Ming Li's experience with so-called friends had enlightened her tremendously. Shunned by people whom she thought she could rely upon during her financial difficulties, she learnt about the importance of self-reliance.

Grateful for the support she receives from people around her, Dr Mary Chen Ming Li views the family unit as an irreplaceable pillar of support. Having a clear perspective in life allows Dr Mary Chen Ming Li to embrace life, to encourage people around her as well as giving the best she can. Coming to terms with life's twists and turns, Dr Mary Chen Ming Li emerges a better person.

- October 1999, Channel News Asia 

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